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About me

my name is mirakle smith. i attend at north side community school. i am curently 11 years old about to turn 12 in october. i was born in saint louis by my beloved mother and father. i have 4 sisters that are my bloods and 2 brothers that are my life in the world.

there are a few intresting facts about me. I am a big sister to 2 other step sibilings. i love love love the color green. i have traveld most of the untied states of north america. and loves to write true naritvies about my self.

my favrite's

my favrite color -green
my favrite muic-nightcore
my favrite food-pizza
my favrite book-the jungle
my favrite sports-football,baskectball,and soccor
my favrite website -anime.com

peanut butter jelly sandwich
Name age favrite color
mirakle 12 green

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to find this riddle you must think hard,
I am a tree but i only grow in one place
I am in most yandare background scenes
what am i?


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