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About me

Im ten years old and I have two little brothers. I go to north side communinity school. I am in the sixth grade, I have also lived all of my life in Saint Louis.

There are a few interesting things about me I'd like to share. One thing is that I have two brothers and I am the oldest. I also went to Disney Land before too. I like math and playing video games. I am also very fast and good runner.

My Favorites

Favorite Book - Percy Jackoson, Percy Jackoson
Favorite Movie - Spider Man
Favorite Movie - Pizza
Favorite Sports Team - Cardinals
Favorite Website - Epic Games

Play my game

If you want to play my game, you need to answer...

	What is something 
	that it has white and black located 
	onto it's body.


Answer: ... Answer:
How to get a Fortnite Victory Royale

The End

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