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My name is Jayla and I have 2 siblings I have a brother his name is Rylan and he is in kindergarten and he is 5year old.I also have a sister and she is 7years old and in First grade.

I'm in 6th grade and I am 11years old and my birthday is in December on the 28th. I also go to Northside Community Middle School.Also im in the 6th grade.

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 On my own, I am darkness, a black abyss. But, Life brings me light with its gentle kiss. 
        I am quiet and cold, but warmth I can hold. Alongside beauties and wonders, sights to be told. 
        My surface may be bare, this I'm aware. But, beautiful secrets I am eager to share. My mouth so large, I swallow you whole.
         To be in my belly is your goal. What may lie within can drive men to sin. Greed and desire, gluttony's kin. 
         For some, I am fear. For others, hope. My perception shaped from life's scope. 
         From the earth I have come, and forever will stay, even if parts of me crumble away. What am I?

My Favorites

Favorite Artist - lilbaby,Dababy,Megan Thee Stallion,Cardi B Ect.
Favorite Movie - The Hate U Give
Favorite Sport - Basketball
Favorite Color - Pink and Purple
Favorite Football Team - Rams,Patroits
Favorite Website - Create of Loop

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