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My name is Jalisa Thomas. I was born and raise in St.Louis Missouri on May 1,2008. I have a 4 year old younger brother who's name is Dylan.I like to paint and color.

Here are some facts about me. I play softball, I don't like any animals(including dogs). I am a family of four, and I have moved schools three times. I have naturally curly hair so I can get it straightend, curled, and braided.

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If you want to play my game, you need to answer a riddle first...

David's father has three sons: Snap, Crackle and______? 

My Favorites

Favorite Movie - The Hate U Give
Favorite Football Team - Green Bay Packers
Favorite Sport - Softball
Favorite Basketball Player - Stepheon Curry
Favorite Website - Create a Loop

Roman Noodles Recepie

About me

Slick Back Ponytail with a Middle Part
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